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BAGUS Baking Solutions with a wide and comprehensive range of HALAL baking and food ingredients, baking tools, equipment, utensil, kitchen wares, recipes book, cake decoration and baking accessories.

Established in 2002, its outlets offer a wide range of: 
v  Baking Ingredients and Supplies, 
v  Baking Utensils and equipment,
v  Baking Magazines,
v  Baking Classes, Workshops and Courses,
v  Baking Tips, Ideas and Website links,
v  Baking Recipes,
v  Baking Valued Promotions and Great Deals, 
v  Baking Networking and Events.

BAGUS offers > 6,000 items in each store. BAGUS also operates a baking learning center within each location. This center provides baking classes, workshops, demonstrations, and programs for its customers on an ongoing basis. Each of its class can accommodate from 20 up to 90 people, and thus far it has also conducted baking classes for many corporate, semi governments, association, nonprofit - organizations as a form of activities or skills learning for its members.

It organized more than 20 sessions per month at each location. The charges range from FREE to RM 200.00 per person depending on the type of products required or being taught. BAGUS’s baking sessions are conducted by experienced chefs who has worked or are working presently at or as hotels, baking colleges, baking operators, baking consultants, baking agents, etc. 

Each of the chefs is an expert on its own, and has its own range of unique recipes. These chefs are capable of baking a wide range of products such as local kuehs, nyonya kuehs, cakes, puffs, pastries, festivities cookies and cakes, tarts, muffins, pizzas, deserts, pies, breads, etc. 

BAGUS offers FREE recipes to its customers at its outlets. It presently has > 1,000 recipes in its portfolios developed over the years and obtained from all its chefs and contacts. There are 2 - 4 recipes on offer at any one time, and it is being changed or updated weekly. 

One of the uniqueness of BAGUS is it has a team of capable chefs and retail personnel and assistants who are always available to help its customers with baking help, advices, and suggestions. 

At BAGUS, baking is an excitement, fun, and an experience. 

BAGUS also provides delivery service to its customers. Buy anything above RM1, 000.00 and BAGUS will deliver it for you free of charge within Klang Valley. 

BAGUS presently has > 10,000 BAGUS members. Its members are entitled to monthly updates on classes, promotional offers, baking tips and ideas, recipes, discounts, etc. BAGUS members are communicated via BAGUS newsletter that is mailed directly to all its members monthly. 

BAGUS also has a comprehensive baking website – now available on line. All its members can click to access any information pertaining to BAGUS from this website. Its members will also receive fortnightly or periodically update via e mailing about BAGUS and its latest activities. 

BAGUS works on the concept of convenience, service, variety, value, choice, and experience. BAGUS is not only a place to source your baking needs, but a place to learn and experience all about baking. 

At every festivity, BAGUS offers lots of baking supplies, and ingredients at promotional and attractive prices and packaging. All above all, BAGUS not only sells, promotes, but also provides help in baking advices, ideas and festivities recipes.

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